Grade 7 Tonight tonight dance video

Please go to                      Name of you tube video ‘Tonight tonight’ Back to school flash mob dance

Grade 7, Tonight, tonight dance

Go to      Name of the Video on you tube is ‘Tonight tonight’ Choreography Instructional Video

KG2 Maths Plan Week 1,2, 3

Dear Teacher, Due to the many different concepts and stages being taught, it was decided to give you a Step by Step Numeracy Program.  Attached is Weeks 1, 2 3.  We decided to extend this area by one week.  Week 4 will be 2 weeks long too (Maths Numeracy for KG2 Worweek 1.2,3k only).

Please follow along very carefully and do not ignore any of the work, since it is Methodology of Precursers to Number operations (+) and (-).


Ms Leeann


Term 1, Teachers Record Sheet

Dear Teacher

Please complete the Term 1 Record Sheets attached.  There are 2 you need to complete:

1.  One for The terms assessments and final exam results, and

2. one for Activities. 

Please complete and email them back to me at c.c. by 5 December 2015.

If you cannot type, please get a hard copy from me, fill it in and ask Administration to type it for you.


ThanksTerm 2 final

Ms LeeAnn